Junior Membership (students) : Created with the purpose of involving young leaders whom would love to contribute with their knowledge at the same time that they benefit from a recognized organization as the Chamber.

Individual Membership : Entry point to our powerful resources available.

Small Business Membership : Designed for organizations in development which are prepared to expand their business  commitment in the United States and Nicaragua. Members receive customized attendance to increase their local and international vision and penetration of the market.

Overseas Membership : The Overseas Membership is designed to allow business outside the United States of America to join our Organization so they obtained the benefits offered to our Members. In particular, this was designed for the purpose of giving a chance to Nicaraguan Business and people to join our ranks for the mutual benefit that such relations entails. The overseas members  obtain a direct, strong, local link to the markets in the United States through their direct contact with our Members. Our members, on the other hand, get to have direct contacts in Nicaragua, and any other country that we may link to, which constitutes a great opportunity to our members also. We like win-win situations. We hope you do too.

Corporate Membership : Access to our powerful resources available an involvement in essential matters to the Chamber and attendance to exclusive events.​

Trustee Membership : Reserved for the companies and organizations leaders in promoting bilateral relationship between Nicaragua and the United States.

Sustaining Membership : Right to display company logo in our events and newsletters. Opportunity to be a member of advisory commitee.

  • You or your business can participate in events that will allow you to promote your products and services.
  • You and your business will achieve an expansion of your network of contacts through the events with our sister Chambers. Among the Chambers that are our affiliates and sister organizations are the Hialeah Chamber of Commerce, CAMACOL, ABiCC (Association of Bi-National Chambers of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica in the USA (CRUSACC), the Honduras Chamber of Commerce, the Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce, the Colombian Chamber of Commerce, Cámara de Industrias de Nicaragua (CADIN)  and many others. This is a great benefit when you consider that among the thousands of members of those chambers there are people that may in the future be your clients, partners, investors or bankers. The nature of business is networking in all areas.
  • You will be able to attend our seminars on various topics such as Legal, Business Seminars from the SBA, Accounting for small business, Labor, Tax and many others that will expand your views on those areas.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend the Training Courses for Small and Medium sized business such as “QuickBooks” and other program Software from Microsoft such as Word, Access, Excel, Power Point etc.
  • You will have at your fingertips as a guide to starting a small business in South Florida. 
  • You will have the opportunity to integrate your business to the different virtual media that NACC is involved in developing such as the Facebook Web Page and others.
  • You can also give your business, at minimal cost, lots of Advertising on the web page of the NACC and in the media of the other Sister Chambers. Through us, you can get to join those chambers as a member if you find that to be advantageous to you.
  • You will have access to all our contacts and we will keep you abreast of the major events related to Private Business Enterprises, and even of the political events and currents that affect our local business environment.
  • Discounts offers on goods and services offered by our own members will be sent to you from time to time.
  • Soon, we will be offering the service of providing you with “Certificate of Origin” certificates for products to be exported outside the United States, which are made and “originated” in the United States of America. 
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in activities organized by the “Association of Bi- National Chambers of Commerce of Florida” -ABICC- where NACC is an affiliate member. These Chambers are about 40 Local Bi-National Chambers of Commerce that have about 10.000 members in South Florida. You think that among all those business people you will not find a person or two that could be interested in you or your business? 
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in activities organized by any of the different Chambers of Commerce where NACC is an affiliate member. These include all of the organizations that we mentioned above in point 2; We would repeat the list because we consider the same to be so important. These organizations are made by thousands of business people that you will want to meet, and the NACC provides an excellent way of presenting your business and yourself to the South Florida Business Community and to all the members of those Chambers. 
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in organized activities with the Alliance To Promote International Trade (FFTA) at the Miami Free Zone. Their events are so incredibly important that in 2013 Mr. Rick Scott, the Governor of Florida; came in person to meet with the community of thousands of business people that gather there to meet with him. Our members met with him and took photos with the Governor of Florida. Some used his contact to aid their business in new ventures. Would you like to experience that kind of networking? 
  • The Interaction with the many accredited Chambers of Commerce in South Florida will give your business recognition and new opportunities. That is an obvious benefit, but you can take that to a new level by using our experience and knowledge of the people that are in business in the area. 
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in many activities that are organized to exchange business cards at MultiChamber events that are presented monthly. These events are designed to help you get as much exposure as you may want. If you still want more exposure you can sponsor an event where you will have even more attention from the people attending as you and your business will be the central figure of the gathering. 
  • You will have a plastic discount card that will identify you as a member of our Chamber, which may be used in all events that NACC promotes and those where we are co-organizers with other Chambers of Commerce. This card will also give you discounts at the business of other members of the Chamber that participate in our member discount program, which you are welcome to join. 
  • For our Chamber it is crucial to have your distinguished participation. We invite you to join our organization and receive our custom NACC LAPEL PIN. This button will identify you as our member making the statement that you are a “proud member of Nicaraguan American Chamber of Commerce.

We strongly invite you to join our Chamber and take advantage of the many opportunities to improve your business performance.




The Nicaraguan American Chamber of Commerce, offers seven kinds of annual memberships.

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